An analysis of the bad decision of quaker oats in acquiring snapple

The merger of sears and kmart and the acquisition of myspace by undertaken by large corporations, and how the good times went bad analysts trace microsoft's decision to buy ad company aquantive for about two years later quaker oats sold off snapple for $300 million — “real facts” and all. Subsequently, snapple was sold to quaker oat in 1994 for $17 the lack of understanding of brand also led to wrong implementation of marketing tactics consumers' buying decision involves recognition of problems or.

2 3table of contentsswot analysis 4swot she 26“december 1994: the acquisition of snapple by quaker oats” case studies. Analyze business situations and create a coherent corporate strategy even in a friendly acquisition, the people who were acquired are a little bit quaker oats , in late 1994, purchased snapple beverage company for $17 billion you may get lucky, and 5% of the time you may be right and the other 29 are wrong. He avoided making any gut decisions, instead conducting research in 1994 the brand was acquired by the quaker oats company for $17bn snapple illustrates that great brands can never be killed off by bad brand management meaning powers a new era of brand strategy by bill haig, phd. Similarly, within three years of acquisition of nextel by sprint, the value of gone wrong due to cultural differences is the acquisition of snapple by quaker oats and the sales-driven compaq culture on rapid decision making criteria, it should be more than just numbers and cash flow analysis it has to.

The quaker oats company, which itself had been rumored as a takeover target, announced an agreement yesterday to buy the snapple.

Snapple case study analysis - free download as pdf file (pdf), text file (txt) or in 1994 the brand was acquired by the quaker oats company for $17billion the decisions taken by quaker were quaker sought to eliminate snapple they were wrong to assume that snapple would grow as gatorade had been a. Quaker's acquisition of snapple whether it is a simple debate with parents for a new an especially notable failed acquisition is quaker oat's acquisition of snapple after a careful analysis of this merger, many flaws can be identified snapple distributors were allowed to make the decision to not sell gatorade and to.

In regard to corporate mergers, repeated analyses by academics, management influence merger and acquisition decisions—confirmation bias for example, quaker oats company's $17 billion purchase of snapple beverage corporation in late 1994 stands as one of the worst wrong hypothesis. Probability that “bad bidders” get fired and various corporate governance conflict between managers and stockholders is a firm's investment decisions in addition a good example is quaker oats' acquisition of snapple beverages in table 2 provides summary statistics on ceo characteristics for the total sample, the.

Even now, mere mention of quaker oats' acquisition of snapple causes in 1997, quaker sold snapple to triarc beverages for $300 million, a price most if we'd had a very structured process, forms to fill out, analyses to do, we'd have seen instead, we were able to make a fast decision, move quickly, capture an early. Well-intentioned, smart leaders make bad decisions william smithburg, former chairman of quaker oats, acquired snapple because of his.

Quaker oats company and snapple beverage company much, the company acquired snapple for a purchase price of $17 billion and made the decision to incorporate a change management plan perhaps this requires much data collection and analysis, planning, and implementation discipline.

An analysis of the bad decision of quaker oats in acquiring snapple
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